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Blood Line


All tubes are made from medical grade,and all components are manufactured in original.
1. Pump Tube:With high elasticity and medical grade PVC ,the shape of tube remains the same after continuous pressing of 10 hours.
2. Drip Chamber:several sizes of drip chamber available.
3. Dialysis Connector:Extra large designed dialyzer connector is easy to operate.
4. Clamp:Clamp is made of hard poastic and designed larger and thicker to guarantee sufficient stop.
5. Infusion Set:It is convenient to install and uninstall ,which ensure precision infusion and safe priming.
6. Drainage Bag:closed priming to meet the requirements of quality control,single way drainage bag and double way drainage bag available.
7. Customized Designed:Different sizes of pump tube and drip Chamber to meet the requirements of customers.